Listen to Robert Munsch Read Many of his Popular Books

Robert Munsch reads many of his popular stories for FREE on his site!

Really it's true!
Here's the link.
Click on the books you'd like to hear Robert Munsch read when you get to Robert Munsch's website. 

Click on these titles to find reviews and purchasing information for some of Robert Munsch's books available at Amazon.
50 Below Zero
A Promise is a Promise
Aaron's Hair
Alligator Baby
Andrew's Loose Tooth
Angela's Airplane
David's Father
From Far Away
Get Me Another One
Get Out of Bed
Good Families Don't
I Have To Go
Jonathan Cleaned Up...
Lighthouse - A Story of Remembrance
Love You Forever
Makeup Mess
Millicent and The Wind
MMM, Cookies
Moira's Birthday
More Pies
Mud Puddle
Murmel Murmel Murmel
Murmel Murmel Munsch
Purple Green and Yellow
Ribbon Rescue
Show and Tell
Something Good
Stephanie's Ponytail
The Boy in the Drawer
The Dark
The Fire Station
The Paper Bag Princess
Thomas' Snowsuit
Up, Up, Down
Wait and See
Where is Gah-Ning?

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