Harry the Dirty Dog and To Be a Drum from Storyline Online

Reading aloud to a child snuggled up on your lap or next to you is the best way to enjoy a story, but an online story can be fun. Famous actors read with expression and make all the stories on Storyline Online brought to you from The Screen Actors Guild Foundation come to life!

Storyline Online will be one of your child's favorite destinations for Online Stories! Be sure to check out the related activities.

You could make it a goal to enjoy the first two stories from Storyline Online this week.

Betty White does an amazing job reading Harry the Dirty Dog. This is a fun story made better by Betty's bubbly voice!

James Earl Jones reads To Be a Drum. This story is about moving from slavery to freedom. It's a beautiful story. I think you'll like it. Young children may not understand the story, but James Earl Jone's voice and the music will keep a young child's attention.

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